Plate Press: Converting plastic waste into construction material

Together with Better Future Factory (BFF) we are developing a machine that will be able to convert plastic waste into usable sheets. The principle is simple: a machine heats and presses together plastic waste to form plastic sheets. These sheets can be used as construction material and as raw material for various plastic end products. ​The goal is to build the machines locally. BFF has great connections in Angola, such as FabLab, a workshop that trains orphaned children to be circular entrepreneurs. The sheet material can be used for teaching various techniques, such as laser cutting, thermo shaping, and punching. Indirectly, we will be helping to nurture technical knowledge. After 27 years of civil war, local industry in Angola has all but disappeared, and everything has to be imported. There is a huge need for sustainable building materials, preferably available and produced locally. By converting plastic waste into usable materials, we are not only helping people, but also the environment.

Curious what the press looks like? a first impression can be seen in the following video: