Dam tot damloop 2018

On the 23rd of September, 10 volunteered colleagues from MMID foundation are going to join the Dam tot Damloop 2018 in Amsterdam. Each of them will run 10 English miles to raise fund for the project ‘Fizzy’. We are calling for your support!

Developed in TU Delft, Fizzy is a robotic ball that challenges young children in the hospital to play and move. Fizzy is not just a toy, it contributes to a faster recovery, promotes the development of the child and helps create a more pleasant time while in the hospital.

With your donation, the current design prototype can be built and tested in the Prinses Máxima Center for child oncology later this year.

Donate a sum of money via:
Stichting MMID Foundation
IBAN: NL03 TRIO 0198 0211 19

Besides running for fund raising, MMID Foundation is also providing our product development knowledge to the project team in TU Delft. Read on for more information about our support on Fizzy project.