Fizzy Robotic Ball

Industrial design engineers never shy away from a challenge. Right now, a team from TU Delft is dedicated to developing a promising solution for the Prinses Máxima Center for child oncology. Their project is dubbed ‘Fizzy’. Fizzy is a robotic ball that challenges young children in the hospital to play and move. Fizzy contributes to…

Plastic Press Plate MMID Mark Bachrach

Plate Press: Converting plastic waste into construction material

Together with Better Future Factory (BFF) we are developing a machine that will be able to convert plastic waste into usable sheets. The principle is simple: a machine heats and presses together plastic waste to form plastic sheets. These sheets can be used as construction material and as raw material for various plastic end products. ​The…

MMID Foundation Red Lobster Divers

Red Lobster Divers

Red Lobster Divers (RLD) is a foundation that snorkels and dives on a regular basis with people that have a mental and/or physical disability. The buddies that accompany the divers have to make sure the dives are executed safely and comfortably, this is a very intensive task underwater. The MMID Foundation has initiated a project…

MMID Foundation Bottom of Pyramid Projects

Support Bottom of Pyramid projects

Teams of TU Delft students design or improve an existing product. Some teams are working on a product for the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP, the poorest people in the world). We have organized two sessions in which all the projects get at least 30 minutes to discuss some problems or difficulties they encounter. One of the…

MMID Foundation Namaste Nepal Grotius

Namaste Nepal Grotius

Namaste Nepal Grotius is an organization founded by the Grotius College in Delft. The organization builds a school in the village Dandakateri. The building of the school has been finished, it only needs to be furnished. The organization also pays the salary of two teachers, one of them is an English teacher. The Grotius College…

MMID Foundation Meaningful Congo

Meaningful Congo

Every year, a group of students of  Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) will start and realize a project in Congo, with the help from local people. This year, they will construct a rain harvesting system that collects water in the rain season, for use in the dry periods, providing the village with water. The system will use…

MMID Foundation Lock me up Free a girl

Lock me up / Free a girl

Thousands of girls are forced into prostitution. Free a girl helps to rescue these girls. Nicole Hofmans gets herself locked up for 12 hours, in a small room, to raise money for this cause. We supported her for this effort.

MMID Foundation Jarikin


Stichting Jarikin focuses on the support and help of school- and street children, orphans and elderly people in Haïti, in terms of food, shelter and education. MMID Foundation has “adopted” several Jarikin children, to make sure they have a better future.