Fizzy Robotic Ball

Industrial design engineers never shy away from a challenge. Right now, a team from TU Delft is dedicated to developing a promising solution for the Prinses Máxima Center for child oncology. Their project is dubbed ‘Fizzy’.

Fizzy is a robotic ball that challenges young children in the hospital to play and move. Fizzy contributes to a faster recovery, promotes the development of the child, and helps to create a more pleasant hospital experience. Fizzy is a project which showcases how smart technology and design can make a meaningful impact.

The first test-runs with Fizzy have been very positive, but the current design can still be improved on. The prototype must be refined before it can be tested with children in the Princess Máxima Center. The robotic ball must become more compact and easier to clean. Its robustness must also be enhanced, and extra research is needed to increase Fizzy’s adaptability to each child.

MMID foundation has decided to offer our knowledge and experience in integrated product development by having consultancy sessions together with the TU Delft team. Our aim is to help them reach their goal of producing an improved prototype for the next step in research at the Princess Máxima Center.

Besides the technical support, 10 colleagues from the MMID foundation will participate in a September charity run in Amsterdam to raise funds for the Fizzy prototyping costs. Do you also want to support this project? Read on for more information about the charity run.

More information about Fizzy? Read it on the website of the TU Delft.