MMID Foundation creates a path to a better world, with valuable products and knowledge which enhances users’ quality of life. We believe companies have a responsibility to lead the world into a great future. We love to help people and care for the planet in order to conserve and make it prosper.

We aim to do this by sharing valuable products and knowledge with people who and markets which cannot afford them. We want to utilize our experience through developing products that associate to the goals of the foundation and make use of our knowledge, our connections and the network of MMID and her employees. We will donate our time and raise funds to make donations to good causes. Speaking about donations…


MMID Foundation is initiated by the employees of MMID, an international oriented product development agency, based in Delft, the Netherlands and Essen and Ulm in Germany. Sharing is a central factor in MMID’s philosophy. Sharing knowledge and taking care of each other: sharing and caring. From this thought, and social involvement, the employees of MMID decided to found the MMID Foundation. With this Foundation the MMID team would like to share valuable products and knowledge with those who are not able to access it in any other way.

We are proud to announce we have received the ANBI Status! More information can be found here